Python Dataframe - Iterating through each cell value using Pandas Dataframe

Suppose we have a pandas dataframe as mentioned in below code snippet and we need to iterate through all the rows of the dataframe in order to fetch each cell value, wherein cell is represented as the value at any specific row-column combination.

I am using iteritems() function, but it seems to be iterating through each column and not rows specifically. Below is the code snippet currently in use.

import pandas as pd

data = [{'cellvalue1':10, 'cellvalue2':100}, {'cellvalue1':11,'cellvalue2':110}, {'cellvalue1':12,'cellvalue2':120}]
df = pd.DataFrame(data)
print (df)
for row in df.iterrows():


(0, cellvalue1     10
cellvalue2    100
Name: 0, dtype: int64)
(1, cellvalue1     11
cellvalue2    110
Name: 1, dtype: int64)
(2, cellvalue1     12
cellvalue2    120
Name: 2, dtype: int64)